September 14, 2019   Delhi, NY






September 14, 2019

Delhi, NY

How We Met


Jessica and Dennis's relationship started only 4 years ago, although to them it feels like they've been partners forever. Their story began while working at the same company, a place where they spent long hours, but unfortunately their paths didn't cross initially. Dennis admits that he noticed Jessica around the office and always wanted to ask her out. Call him shy or not smooth, but that never happened, although he still claims he would have done it eventually! Fortunately, as luck would have it, a friend and part-time matchmaker (shout-out to Jordan, who will graciously also be our officiant) organized a hike at Mission Peak and invited them both. Dennis had no idea Jessica was invited, and probably wouldn't have been late if he had known. He picked her up and they spent the hour drive talking and laughing; this drive eventually made roadtrips & local adventures one of their favorite activities together. Jessica, Dennis and their group spent that day together. There may have been a spark there between them that day, but it was too early to tell. Soon enough, they began to get together and bond over their love of technology, food and travel. From that day on, they became friends, confided in each other, and became practically inseparable. After being friends for a year, they decided to make things official and became a couple. I guess you could say they started at the bottom of the mountain, and now they're here!

The Proposal


Three years into their relationship, Jessica & Dennis cherished spending each day together. They had experienced many moments together - from skydiving to skiing, and just as many firsts that they shared with each other, with Dennis introducing Jessica to backcountry backpacking, and Jessica showing Dennis the world of cuisine & cooking (apparently there is more to cook than just grilled chicken, to Dennis' surprise). After many adventures, fun moments, (plus plenty of pictures ;P ) and a home filled with love & trust, Dennis knew that Jessica was the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and marriage was the perfect next step for their relationship. The proposal was meant to be a simple expression of their love, set in the city that their love blossomed in. The day of the proposal, Dennis invited Jessica to brunch in San Francisco at one of the very first brunch places they visited together. He strategically had them park at one of their favorite and most picturesque spots in San Francisco - the Palace of Fine Arts. Walking through the park on a planned path, they got to a spot overlooking the lake, and Dennis romantically (and maybe awkwardly) got on one knee and proposed to Jessica, for them to spend the rest of their lives together in marriage. Jessica was shocked, and after a few moments remembered to say 'Yes!' and they were engaged! We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you.

See you in Delhi, New York!
September 14, 2019





Until we get married!